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Discover the new sport available at Montebelo Golfe - Kick off FootGolf!

FootGolf is a game played with a soccer ball, on golf courses, with the goal of kicking the ball with your foot at different distances to the hole, with the fewest possible kicks. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to match power and precision in a strategic way!

The sport was created in the Netherlands in 2009 and is played in 39 countries, all of which are members of the International FootGolf Federation. It has become game of its own, as it is played on a golf course and not on any other type of course.


The Game rules

Played on a true golf course, FootGolf consists of playing a no 5 football from a starting point (tee) and being able to place it inside a hole (ghole), with the fewest number of kicks as possible.


General Characteristics:

- Suitable equipment;

- Cares should be taken with the state of the field: smooth the bunkers and maintain a stable playing pace;

- Maintain a distance from the front group. In case of delay, allow the group behind you to pass by;

- Ensure that your ball is marked to be identifiable;

- The ball must be kicked in a single continuous movement with any part of the foot;

-  Pushing, stepping on, dragging or touching the ball in any other way is not allowed;

- Do not interfere with the ball’s trajectory, stopping it or avoiding obstacles, such as water, for example;

- Wait for the ball to remain completely stopped before making the next kick.


FootGolf clothing

FootGolf clothing is inspired by old golf clothing, except for the boots.

The standard equipment is a cap, a polo shirt, golf shorts or knee-length shorts, knee-length socks and sneaker shoes or boots with a synthetic sole.


Mandatory clothing during official events:

- Polo with collar (can also be long-sleeved)

- Shorts (with pockets and belt loops) or Skirt Shorts for ladies (optional)

- Tall socks and sneaker shoes for synthetic grass (or indoor)


Optional clothing during official events:

- Cap or Beret

- Sunglasses


Clothing not allowed during official events:

- Polo without collar

- Swimming shorts

- Short shorts

- Football equipment

- Football boots with studs

- Short socks




Member of FPFG (Portuguese Federation of FootGolf)

18-hole round

20 €

17 €

Yearly pass

500 €

475 €

Individual lessons on the course

40 €


Pack of 5 individual lessons

175 €


Pack of 10 individual lessons

325 €



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