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Main Tournaments

1º Circuito de Golfe Vila Sol

1º Torneio Circuito PGA Portugal

1º Torneio Golfe Cidade de Viseu e Festa das Vindimas

2º Circuito Golfe Navigator Club Top Executive

3º Torneio Circuito Liberty Seguros 

8º Corporate Golfe Challenge - SPORT TV CGD

Audi Quattro Cup 2000

BPI Beiras


Calvin Klein - Golfdays

Circuito de Golfe Pousadas de Portugal/Mercedes

Circuito Abreu / Porto Canal

Circuito APDC

Circuito Golfe & Comunicação

Circuito Golfe PT - PT Comunicações

Clube de Golfe Médico / Troféu CPH

Convívio Becel - CG Médico

Convívio Fundação Portuguesa de Cardiologia - Centro

Convívio Sanofi - CG Médico

Corporate Golf Challenge

Expresso BPI

I Torneio SAAB

International Pairs

Mercedes Trophy

Torneio Banco BIC

Torneio Barclays - CG Médico

Torneio CG Comunicação Social

Torneio EDP

Torneio Titleist Golf Days


  • Appropriate clothing must be word
  • Respect closing time
  • Frontal water hazard – yellow posts
  • Players must let players play through according to the following situations:
    • when a hole is lost to preceding players
    • when looking for a ball
  • Always smooth out the bunkers and repair divots and pitch marks
  • Keep golf carts and trolleys off the greens and tees

Director: Rita Fidalgo Professional: Rui Bazílio Architects: Mark Stilwell and Malcolm Kenyon Engineer: Carlos Pereira Greenskeeper: ÁreaGolfe

  • Course limits – white posts and fencing
  • Lateral water hazard – red posts
  • Frontal water hazard – yellow posts
  • Ground under repair – blue posts or white circles
  • Golf cart tracks, asphalted tracks, sprinklers, irrigation control boxes, drainage boxes, cement drainage furrows and golf course furnishings are regarded as immovable objects. Rule 24-2 applies
  • Only tracks flanked by wooden posts are regarded as golf cart tracks.
  • Nursery beds with ornamental plants have a Free Drop
  • Stones in bunkers are mobile obstructions (Rule 24-1 applies)
  • All trees marked with blue paint have a Free Drop
Clean Safe certified